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Everyone knows that the Kraken is a forbidden trading platform hidden deep in the dark layers of the Internet, so getting into it from a regular browser using a simple link will never work. But this does not mean that entry to the website is closed for mere mortals. It's just that there is a special algorithm that must be followed in order to eventually become a client of the Kraken.

How to access the website correctly?

First, select a device. It can be either a PC or any other mobile device with Internet access. It is desirable that this device be your own and not be used by other people, even occasionally. Now you need to prepare the gadget for entering the dark web - turn off the camera, cut down antivirus programs and ad blockers. Now download the appropriate TOR browser. Only this search engine can lead you through the link to the real Kraken. Install browser and customize it to your needs. Next, look for the correct link. This can be the address of both the main site and the kraken onion link mirror. So it's time to go to the entrance to the site. Do not be afraid that the first thing you will see is a security captcha. It is set for the purpose of additional protection of the resource. We calmly go through it and start registering an account to make purchases. To do this, you will need to come up with a username and password, as well as deposit money into your personal account.